Official opening of brand new ULO/DCA cooler storage

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After 6 months of building and equipmenting , we are proud to announce that as from today our total apple production which is currently about 4 200 t, will be stored in modern chambers with ultra low oxigen and DCA regime. First quantities of apple variety which will be kept in new cooler storage is Gala and Golden delicious, Fuji and Crimson Snow® will follow. Now we are in position to offer our apples from harvest to harvest. Capacity of ULO oxygen cooler storage is 3 000 t with plan to raise capacity as our annual production will constantly grow. Inside on ground floor the modern calibrator is installed and its capacity is 10t/h.

Building is modern with laboratory and lot of working space for our employees. Further, due to the floor termoisolation in coller storage as well as with LED light and recuperation of waste heat for underfloor heating, our cooler storage is saving 30 % of electric energy.

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