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Agrounija and Verda Vivo own a modern apple planting on an area of 120 ha in Krčedin in the Municipality of Inđija.

Krčedin is a small settlement in Srem, located only 3 km from the Danube coast, that is at a similar distance from the E-75 highway linking Belgrade and Novi Sad. The capital of Serbia, Belgrade is about 60 km to the south, while Novi Sad is about 20 km north of the settlement. Right across the Danube coast there are nature reserves Krčedinska ada and Kovilj-Petrovaradin marshes, characteristic by natural features and various flora and fauna. Krčedin is located on the slopes of Fruška Gora, on its eastern side. The climate of this region is extremely continental, with significant temperature oscillations and oscillations in the amount of precipitation. The land mostly belongs to carbonate chernozem, the depth of about 1-2, 5m, which suits agricultural crops. The place is especially known for fruit growing and viticulture.

These two companies will increase orchard surface up to 240 ha in next period.

The orchard is located in the northern part of the settlement, about 900 m from the Danube coast, separated by a weekend resort Breksvik. In the surrounding area there is agricultural land, several complexes of vineyards, cold storage of company Agrounija.

The orchard is planted on the ground with a mild uphill towards the northwest, which ensures more sunshine. The orientation of the rows is southeast-northwest. Orchard was planted in 2015, 2016 and 2017, with five varieties, Granny Smith, Gala, Golden Delicious, Fuji and Crimson Snow®. The latter variety is originally from Australia and tested in Italy. It represents a premium variety of extremely large fruits that achieve a price premium in a smaller share. Production is limited and Verda Vivo owns a license for the exclusive production and sale of this variety of apples in Serbia and the CEFTA market and licenses for the non-exclusive sales for the Russian Federation.

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Modern orchard

The orchard is characterized by dense planting (spacing between rows is 3.2m, while the distance between seedlings is 0.8-0.66m) – the total number of seedlings is 4.500 seedlings per ha. Dense planting of fruit trees is the basis of modern fruit growing. Trees of lesser exuberance are a prerequisite for early proliferation and later stable fruiting.With trees of less wealth, the yield per unit of crop is higher and also the share of first class fruits. On the other hand, harvesting and pruning requires less labor, hence a cost per kilogram of produced fruit is lower. The condition for planting in the thick complex are seedlings with varieties suspended on low-density rootstock, known as dwarf rootstock.

The orchard is equipped with a “drop-by-drop” irrigation system. As a source of irrigation, water from the Danube is used, filtered and drained as such into the orchard. Tensiometers are used daily for monitoring the state of moisture in the soil below the apple plantation and based on this the norms and watering stages are determined. A fertigation system is installed which, based on calculated needs, feeds individual seedlings.

There is a modern antifreeze system, based on the isothermal water quality. The system turns on when the outdoor temperature falls to +1 ° C and works until the ice begins to melt. The operating pressure of the sprinkler is 4 bar and full system automation is possible. With longer spraying and consumption of larger amounts of water the protection can be achieved even at a significantly lower temperature, even at frost of -10 ° C, which cannot be achieved in other ways. The antifreeze system has a wide net of sprayers placed at the top of the pillars, which, in cold conditions, by spraying water drained from the central pool, glaciate the flower/fruit and keep it from freezing. The pool is located in the middle of the orchard and is used for the needs of an entire orchard on an area of 120ha.

The orchard is fully equipped with an anti-hail protection net. The net protects the orchard by breaking down the ice between the binding posts, in the middle of the space between the rows, and thus the orchard remains undamaged. Also, the net has the role of reducing burns at high temperatures, and increasing the protection of orchards from unwanted radiation. This prevents a loss that can reach 50% of the yield, and has effects that last more than one year.

Cold storage and standards:

The modernized cold storage for the storage of apples was put into operation in August 2017. The current capacity of 7,000t under ULO/DCA technology is a condition for long keeping of apples – from harvest to harvest. Logistically, the storage is designed so that there is no crossroads of raw materials and packaged products, it has an expedient space for the accommodation of a total of 10 trucks of the finished product and 3 loading ramps, which as a result gives unlimited possibilities of manipulation of goods.The central primary cooling system of the latest generation ammonia type combined with ULO/DCA chamber sandwich panels, floor thermal isolation, LED lighting and recuperation of waste heat for underfloor heating, makes this storage special in comparison to others, and provides energy savings of up to 30%.

The orchard has been standardized for the third year in a row by the Global Gap standard, while the Cold storage has a Global Gap standard, IFS and BRC standards as well as the HACCP food safety system. As the packaging is concerned, we can offer all types of packing apples in cardboard packaging (single, double), packing in plastic and wooden wrapping material, packing in bags, packing in bushel etc.


Agrounija and Verda Vivo own a modern apple planting on an area of 120 ha in Krčedin in the Municipality of Inđija.

Dunavska 30, 22352 Krčedin, Serbia

+381 21 48 78 388; +381 21 48 78 397,

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